Is It A Bad Thing To Be “Too Nice”?

10 thoughts on “Is It A Bad Thing To Be “Too Nice”?”

  1. Many people have said that about me, too. I don’t know if they necessarily mean anything bad by it. A lot of time when someone is really nice and forgiving to people, it can be seen as naive. People don’t understand that these kind of people are needed in the world and depending on your faith if you have one, it’s how you’re supposed to be to stand out among the rest of the world that is losing compassion for other people.

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  2. Really great post! My Mum has had this so many times: ‘too nice.’ I take after her on the most part but I am also slightly pessimistic when it comes to most people through experience. It is never a bad thing and although it comes across as something negative, being too nice is not anything to be ashamed off. What i have learnt from my Mum though is that it gives people the tendency to walk over her quite a bit because they can think that they can get away with it but it is definitely not a bad thing to be a nice person xx

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    1. Thank you! I’m glad you understand, it makes me sad that other people have been through this because people think nothing will come of it though! But we can all try to be good and be proud of and stand up for that xxx


    1. Exactly, it isn’t a bad thing! 👍 I’ve definitely had “stop saying sorry” before too! Thank you so much for reading- your support means so much ❤️ I’m going to take a look at your blog now ☺️ xx

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