Why I’d Prefer Friend Drama Right Now

I know what you’re thinking. Over the top, gossipy and arrogant: all negative attributes that we regularly associate with reality stars and generally, people we are not big fans of. So why am I representing myself in this way? Good question. Well, this is to tell you a lesson of today’s post: don’t judge without knowing the whole story. This blog post is not about getting my kicks from some friendship drama- it’s actually about life choices and the weight they currently hold on me and my life.

It’s that time in my life when the end of school is in sight and the future is beckoning. Well, I say ‘beckoning’ but students with one more year left of high school like myself are all agreeing that we’d much rather prefer to go back a couple of years when the biggest problem was whether Stacey had been bitching about you behind your back. We all know to avoid people like Stacey these days, but let’s also avoid University, independence and all those seemingly irrelevant things that we will have to buy because in reality, they are surprisingly relevant. Another shocker: they are surprisingly expensive (I mean, who knew how expensive some soft, non newspaper-textured toilet paper would actually cost?)

The pathway that I’m taking is University: a system that after only a short time of being introduced to obviously needs to be sorted out. I could write a list of all its disadvantages but there’s definitely too much to worry about without adding a super long list of problems to the mix. One worry I have is the huge commitment- three or more years of your life setting you back a HUGE amount of money and what if you don’t like it? What if you start and you see that it’s just not for you? I know that open days and the mostly wonderful invention of the internet is meant to help you to feel sure but how can you feel wholly sure when one choice will set you on an exclusive, one time only track that would be completely different if you had make a different decision?

Now, this is where the judging aspect comes in. I go to an all girls grammar school and looking at other schools and their exam results, it’s easy to see that they’re not pushed to the absolute maximum like us. Oxford, Cambridge and the rest of the 24 Russell Group Universities: all of an excellent standard, I will admit, but do I really want to just work my backside off for all of those years too? I don’t think so. I want to do well AND have fun. This is why I’ve made the decision to go to a smaller, less academically demanding place which has a course that I will enjoy… I already know that school is going to judge me more than Law and Order when I pick that course on results day next year but being happy is what I’m striving for- even with all these uncertainties and worries, I want to feel as sure as I can that I have a chance of being genuinely happy.

I’ve been told that deciding your future is a “journey” (thanks for the imagery, Mum) so maybe I should stopping stressing and take comfort in the fact that there’s still a long way to go. Nothing is going to be certain just yet because the “journey” (again, thank you Mum) has really only just started and looking ahead, there is still so much to come that will assist me in deciding exactly what the future entails.

I will make sure to keep all you lovely readers updated on my “journey” (I’m actually beginning to think my Mum deserves more credit than me for this post) towards the future. Let me know in the comments if you’ve had similar worries or what the future holds for you!


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