Much-Needed Exam Tips

Yes, exam season is upon us. Ergh, I know I’m already sick of revision, nerves and all the other trauma that comes with exams but there are plenty of ways to get through this difficult period. I have read a lot of blog posts about exam tips in my life and what you must bear in mind is that one tip isn’t going to be beneficial to everyone. Studying and battling exams is a very personalised issue and in order to get the results you want, you really have to do things your way.

  1. My first tip to you is to plan out your time. I find that this really works for me and helps me to keep organised, on-track and motivated as I feel determined to do I everything I intend to do. Planning in as much detail as possible is really beneficial and again keeps you on-track, although you have to remember that tasks often take longer than you think they will!
  2. Find out how you like (and need) to revise in order to get the best grades. Personally, I make mind maps and flash cards which I can then visualise in the exam but I would also highly recommend practising for any exam with past papers or questions. When writing out notes, remember not to exactly copy out information (put it in your own words) and make the notes colourful and exciting so that you can remember information better!
  3. Take regular breaks: you’d think this would be a pretty obvious tip but some people try to revise for hours on end so that they don’t stress themselves out, when really this will do the opposite as nothing will be going in after an hour or so! Breaks don’t have to be long- they can just be getting a snack or going for a quick walk but revision works best if you change it up every so often.
  4. Find the perfect place for revision. I find that working at a table or desk in a bright, sunny spot works best for me but everyone has different preferences. Naturally, just make sure that place won’t let you get easily distracted from your work!
  5. With all these tips about getting the optimum revision done, it’s easy to forget that you can over-revise. Over-revising is definitely not beneficial- you’re always going to have been able to do more revision but if you know that you’re ready or you are in need of a break, stop. This is also true for just before the exam (it’s not going to go in then if it hasn’t already!)
  6. Don’t think about your exams for ages after: while we all feel elated when an exam is over, many of us also feel very disappointed if it hasn’t gone exactly how we wanted. You have to remember that the exam is over and you can deal with your grades when you get your results, but until then don’t worry and most of the time you’ve actually done better than you think!

Good luck to anybody taking exams!


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