Mellow Yellow

Recently, I was introduced to Everything 5 Pounds: an online clothes outlet where, as the name suggests, everything is only five pounds. Yes. I didn’t think it could be true either but already, I have bought two lovely dresses from there that look and feel as though they could have been much more expensive. I have even heard that clothes from the online shop are often from M&S, Next, Zara and Primark. One of the dresses I have bought is this cold shoulder ruffle dress in ‘mustard’ which I have been absolutely in love with since trying it on. Cold shoulder dresses are very popular at the moment and now I can see why. I thought the dress might be uncomfortable and awkward but it isn’t in the least, not to mention the dress is made of very strong and supportive material and the colour is so gorgeous. After receiving the dress in the post, I stumbled upon this Glamour Magazine article in my April issue which talks about yellow dresses being the perfect fashion piece for every woman right now, as well as the look being very ‘La La Land’ inspired. I immediately picked up on this when first wearing the dress and if you’ve read the ‘La La Land’ Review I wrote, you’ll know this made me VERY happy.

Here is that dress:

Let me know in the comments whether you like this outfit or not!



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