Changing Seasons (And Wardrobe!)

Spring has sprung and that means a totally new set of clothes to rediscover from inside of our wardrobes. Yes, we can scrap black woolly tights and baggy jumpers that could probably fit two people in until next year and show a bit of skin (however pasty and in need of a tan.) Recently while visiting my sister in Kent, we did a bit of a photoshoot and got together this great spring/ summer outfit together for it.




This midi skirt is from Boohoo and is such a good buy. I haven’t worn it much yet but this will definitely be one of my go-to items in the summer, whether for more formal or informal scenarios. This is quite adventurous for me but midi skirts are very popular at the moment and I love how the skirt feels really ‘princessey’. I also paired my Asos- Daisy Street pink-toned loafers with the look to complement the pinks of the outfit.


I borrowed this hat from my sister but adored it so much I’m going to have to invest in my own! You can find similar floppy felt hats (with different head sizes) on H&M for a relatively low price and again, they’re perfect for smart and casual occasions- but this time for every season (winter just got a lot better!)


We decided to finish the look with a plain white long-sleeved top, my hair curled at the ends and pink eyeshadow and lips to match the midi skirt. The lip colour is ‘soft rose’, which is a Next balm that I was given for Christmas. The colour is lovely but the balm texture means that the colour doesn’t last very long and is very subtle so I would probably recommend a rose matte lipstick if you wanted to try out this colour.

Thanks for reading this post- I hope you enjoyed it and please comment below whether you like the outfit and would choose to wear something similar!

Photo credit: my sister, who is a photographer! You can view her work on: and follow her on social media using these links:

I did show some of her wedding images in What I’ve Learnt From Being A Maid of Honour (So Far) so please take a look if you haven’t already.



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