What I’ve Learnt From Being A Maid of Honour (So Far)

So, my sister’s getting married in two years and the planning has officially begun… As maid of honour and the first time being a bridesmaid, it’s all very exciting but also quite revelational! Here’s six things I have learnt so far:

  1. You have to book everything far in advance: venues, flowers and photography can all become booked up up to three years in advance which is why you have to start preparing early. Quickly planned weddings are really a thing of the past if you have a set image of how your day should look in your head.1981869_405704479621852_4594678653490395852_n
  2. Weddings are expensive: the average wedding costs £25,000 and with so many parts to a wedding, costs can easily rise. If you’ve been to a wedding you won’t even think about all the features the couple have chosen but things like wedding favours and table decorations all come at a hefty price.
  3. There are so many options for all features of a wedding: choosing your fairy tale day is not an easy task when you can break tradition these days and practically choose anything you want. Finding exactly what you want is tricky and takes a lot of research, especially if you have a budget, and there are so many different companies offering the same style of thing that it is hard to know where to find the perfect aspects of your wedding. Basically, planning a wedding takes a lot of research and searching through the ‘best’ and the ‘not for me thank you’.14708228_567754580083507_4330910283745865647_n
  4. Being a maid of honour is a pretty big thing: helping the bride along the way is fundamentally my job description, whether with choosing the dress, making wedding favours or reducing stress. However, I also have to sign the register as a witness, head the group of bridesmaids and be there if anything needs doing.
  5. You don’t just have to have groomsmen: yes, groomswomen are a thing. In my sister’s case, one of her fiancé’s best friends is a woman. Bridesmaids are a selection of females that are very close to the bride so they have opted to have a groomswoman. You could argue that this isn’t traditional but tradition doesn’t matter if it is how a couple want to celebrate on their wedding day!
  6. Weddings are all about the couple: this sounds like a pretty obvious point but it’s not surprising that couples feel a pressure to create the perfect day for their family. Nevertheless, weddings are about celebrating a couple’s love and the union they are choosing to be formed on that day so how they want their wedding to be, whether understated or huge, with all of the family or just some, is really up to them. As my family keep saying, weddings are also about thanking the people that have been there for the happy couple along their journey together and seeing them become one.14731376_567755760083389_1501648725041392260_n

    Photo credit: my sister, who is a photographer! You can view her amazing work on her website: http://victoriaemmaphotography.com/.



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