How easy it is to feel lost in this age, striving for what everyone else has and not realising our own potential. Nobody has perfection: we’ve all been told that enough times, but living in the shadows of other people has become normalised. We all want and almost try to be our friends, our peers, our celebrity role models. No one is ever happy enough with themselves.

It’s possible to act like everything’s fine but there has got to be a network of people around you that you feel as though you can admit that you don’t feel great to and that you know will say “I’ve got your back. Now, how are we going to tackle this?” Even if the problem’s small, nothing in relation to a lot of other things, having someone there to support you makes that problem a little easier.

The big change in my life at the minute is getting twin blocks. Yep, those bulky pieces of plastic that clip onto your teeth and practically make you sound drunk. I may be exaggerating quite an amount but when I first got them fitted, I felt like my world had kind of changed- and for the worst. Now, they are better and I am better. I managed, but the people I loved were a huge help in this. For someone just to tell me “you are coping so well” or “you have nothing to worry about”, or even to notice them and just act completely normal (even boys that I know love a good ribbing) made me feel a million times better. In the past, I don’t think I would have got through a situation like that without crying every two minutes and of course, there has been emotional moments but I haven’t cared as much as I expected I would. I can’t wait to get them removed and I admit that I will feel a lot more free (and probably a lot closer to perfection in my eyes) afterwards but at the moment, I feel relatively confident and that in itself feels pretty good.



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