Review: La La Land

You only have to look on the television, every social media site and in every newspaper to see the recent hype over La La Land. Already breaking records with its amount of nominations and wins, this movie spectacular is sure to dominate the Oscars next month but what makes La La Land so special?

Think 1930s musicals with a modern twist and you’re about there: the movie’s modern narrative about an aspiring actress and musician has all the flare of classic movie musicals with the cinematography, set, costumes and of course acting, music and dancing. It’s not often we see songs that are so unlike today’s popular music choices holding people like in this and I’m not just referring to the hugely advertised ‘City of Stars.’ The score also includes the moving ‘Audition (Fools Who Dream)’ as well as big orchestral numbers like ‘Another Day Of Sun’ and ‘Someone in the Crowd’ that perfectly compliment the story as well as fixing themselves in your head for days. The storyline is based around the idea of jazz dying out while Ryan Gosling’s character Sebastian strives to save it, paying tribute to an almost forgotten genre of music that can definitely still be loved by us all.

When people first heard about the movie, there was surprise about the choice of casting. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are amazingly talented actors but no one knew what to expect from their singing and dancing debuts. I personally was not disappointed. Naturally they are not professionals in these fields yet their performances were pretty magnificent, especially Ryan Gosling’s dancing and Emma Stone’s singing so together, the talents of these versatile actors were really emphasised.

It’s a challenge to find fault with this completely infectious musical movie and all I hope is that movies like it don’t have to be such an exception anymore in this day and age. The world deserves more undeniably must-see entertainment like La La Land…



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