The Theatre

Going to the theatre always feels like such a treat for me, in particular to see musicals which have and I believe always will be an absolute love of mine. Not only is this because of the catchy songs, integrated with stand-out and beautiful dance routines but also the amazing stories told through the accessible world of musical theatre. I’ve seen a lot of musicals in my life, in the West End and in more local theatres but here are my favourites:

  • The Lion King– in 2015, my school had an enrichment programme where we could decide on a week of activities we wanted to take part in. I chose the culture option as my first option and was fortunate enough to be able to go and spend a few days in London. The reason I choose the culture option in particular was to go see the two West End shows they offered: one of them being The Lion King. I have no doubt that this is my favourite musical and I honestly just sat there in awe the whole way through. To think that all that enthusiasm and talent could be brought together made me feel very emotional therefore I would highly recommend this extravaganza of a musical to anyone.
  • Matilda– this was the other show that I went to see on that school enrichment programme. Again, the talent on that stage was incredible, in particular because of the way that a cast of children could tell a story so convincingly and could draw you into another world. However, the most remarkable thing  was in fact the set design. From the minute you walked into the room all you could see was brightly lit letter blocks and by the end of the musical, the audience had even been treated to swings, flying and confetti!
  • Sister Act– although not an extremely well-known musical and although I saw it in Leeds, this musical did not disappoint in any way. Rarely do you see a musical that mainly just consists of enthralling songs with superb choreographed numbers (by Craig Revel Horwood) and that surpasses the film that it was based on. The protagonist Deloris was also played by Alexandra Burke who completely proved to the whole theatre that X-Factor contestants do not fail in life and their voices and just all-round talent can bring people to tears or make them grin from ear to ear.
  • Hairspray– I also saw this musical in Leeds and I think this was one of the first times that I knew that theatre and dancing are for me. I know I’m not going to become a professional in this field but I do know that shows like this utterly inspire me and make me want to feel the joy of dance and music for as long as I can.
  • Wicked– to me, it is no wonder that this musical has won so many awards. Why wouldn’t a musical with a captivating twist on a well-known classic and songs that really create indescribable emotion within you, even when thinking back on them years later? This is definitely an absolute must-see in the West End but if you get chance to see this show anywhere, I would take the opportunity.

There’s so many musicals I still want to see but at the top of my list are Billy Elliot and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. As well as being critically acclaimed, I think Billy Elliot has such a great narrative, especially as it revolves around the world of dance (including tap which I would personally say should be in more musicals!) When I was in London in 2015, I was lucky enough to visit the Drury Lane theatre where Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was then based. Although I only saw some of the wonderful set, you only need to look up the trailer for the show and you’ll see how brilliant it looks.

Let me know in the comments which musicals you have seen and which musicals you would like to see!


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