Winter Essentials

At this time of the year, all anybody wants to do is snuggle up on the sofa with a big mug of hot chocolate and preferably a pet to cuddle. Of course, this is not possible to do 24/7 (however much we’d all want that) and you just have to force yourself outside into the gloomy, winter weather where you’re pretty much certain that you have given yourself hypothermia each time you do so. One of the actual advantages of winter (other than the obvious Christmas) is fashion. Baggy jumpers, ginormous snoods and let’s not forget bobble hats are suddenly allowed to be worn again and the world is secretly quite pleased about it.

Here are some of my other winter fashion favourites:

Boots- if I could wear boots all year round, I honestly think I would. It was so exciting when Chelsea Boots came into fashion but there are so many different, beautiful styles so I strongly believe boots are the way to go.


Dark lipsticks- lipstick is probably one of my favourite pieces of makeup to wear and my favourite lipsticks are by far my winter colour ones. As much as a lipstick is meant to fit with the outfit you are wearing, colours like plum or dark red  which I absolutely adore would not look suitable on the beach so I try to make the most of them now!


Glitter- not that glitter isn’t for every month of the year (it is), but Christmas and New Year’s Eve in particular provide the perfect time to spread it all over your face like there’s no tomorrow and I love that. One of my favourite glittery colours is the gold (the third shade from the right below) in the W7 Bronze Queen Fantasy Bronze eye shadow palette, which is perfect for giving amazing shimmer to your eyes or for highlighting.



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