Endings (And New Beginnings…) Pt. 1

All good things must come to an end: a cliché but a true one. For me, this summer is ending. It makes me even more upset than usual as I’ve had such a long time off, jam-packing it with a bunch of happy memories, and now I face the frightening unknown of sixth form. It’s also the end of the freedom to just have days with family and friends, days to go out somewhere without worrying about work you have to do, days to relax and know you can actually do what you really want to do- just the simple things like writing a blog post or escaping into a new book. Of course, those days will return next summer but until then, I will miss them. I know that really, I just don’t want things to get hectic again so that I lose having a life that isn’t full of 24/7 work.

Despite that, school does have some advantages: it gives you a routine and plenty to do, you get to see your friends a lot more without having to strenuously message them all to organise a massive summer activity that suits everyone, not to mention this year I am only going to be studying what I enjoy because I got the GCSE results I really wanted. I’m happily waving goodbye to embarrassing PE lessons, tricky maths lessons that I use to will to just be over and pointless science practicals that the textbook showed the results for anyway. So yes, there are positives and it is a new beginning to start over, focus, get organised and succeed. Then it’s only seven weeks till October half-term (not that I’m counting at all…)


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