My Favourite Place

The beach is where I truly love to be.

Most people would probably agree with me but I don’t go to top up my tan or make the most of the sunshine. I just like to experience that feeling of utter relaxation, knowing any worries or problems are far away. Of course, you’ll have to go home and face them but after the beach, that task will be easier. I don’t know if it’s the sea air or just seeing the sheet of sand then sea reaching towards the horizon but the beach doesn’t make you feel worried or stressed, nervous or angry because really, it clears your head and makes you just feel better.

To me, the beach shows a simple side of the world; there’s just sand and sea. That’s it. You might see the occasional wind farm or even a boat but you won’t see all those millions of parts of your life that make up the harsh reality of having to work, do chores or pay bills.

I hope in the future that I will live by the beach so I have the freedom to take an early-morning or evening jog or stroll there to empty my head or just sit there with friends and family. Yet, who knows what the future holds and who knows whether I’ll even think of the beach and the memories it has given me when life becomes hectic again. My family have always visited the beach: every year, and right now I miss it, sat in my house surrounded by towns and cities, cars and buses, millions of houses and offices and knowing that result’s day is tomorrow, I’m yearning for some calm that I know the beach would give me.

They say you want what you don’t have and I think that’s completely true. For me, visiting the beach is an escape from everyday life and it has so many joyful memories with my family that sometimes, I think that’s where I should utterly belong: by the seaside.


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