My Clothes Haul

There’s not much that makes me as excited as when I get new clothes: that moment when you look in the mirror or see it hanging on the shop rail and think I just love it! With plenty of spare time this summer, I have been shopping (in actual shops and online) and I would love to show you some of my new clothes that make me really very happy. I just want to mention that none of these clothes were very expensive and point out that sale items or non-designer items can still be lovely and ideal for the person buying them to those people that may believe otherwise. I hope you all enjoy seeing the products of my haul!


First of all, here is my new floral bardot dress from New Look. I wasn’t too sure on the style beforehand but now, I literally adore it and the dress’ elegant but stylish nature!

(Sorry the photo above includes my ‘because cats’ phone case… You can read all about my love of cats and experience of having a feline friend in my Every Life Should Have Nine Cats blog post!)

These shorts are also from New Look and with their bright floral design, they look and feel perfect for the summer and days at the beach!


My last one from New Look: this shirt has much more of a casual, lazy day vibe and is super comfy. Of course, it could easily be tucked into a skirt for a more sophisticated look however either way, I think it is great!
This jumper was from Primark and as soon as I saw it, I fell in love with the bright colour, scalloped edging and crop style which is all really cute and quirky. It is also an extremely versatile and handy piece of clothing that can be worn with pretty much anything!


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