That Feeling I Get With Dance

A feeling like the one I get with dance is hard to describe. Well, to be more precise: feelings. Dance brings out a mixture of emotions in me, good and bad ones, but I would never say that it isn’t worth it.

I know what you’re picturing: five year old girls skipping around the room and flapping their arms above their heads, having fun and without a care in the world. For me: a sixteen year old girl, dance is a more serious affair. Much more serious.

Not only does it take real determination, technique and performance skills to pass an exam but you have to work for years to perfect the exercises and dances for them. Not to mention the shows that take months and months of planning, preparation and rehearsals. Yet with all that going on, dance still seems to find a way to make me feel free and happy. I wouldn’t say I’m the most confident person but I find it in myself to be at dance because I can dance out to and entertain an audience (whether on stage or if I’m just dancing for my teacher), smile until my face hurts and make mistakes until I can do a step and I won’t be judged; I will be doing something right and I will be improving. I also have a lifeline of dance friends that are there for me throughout and understand what it’s really like.

Of course, there are the bad times: the times where I want to cry and give up, the times where I wish I was better, more flexible, stronger. However, the good times outweigh the bad or in any case, are the most memorable and I know that everyone has different strengths so I must always just play to mine.

I have got to that point, after dancing for almost thirteen years, where the top is in sight. I have reached some of the highest exams that you must pass before becoming a professional or a dance teacher. It is so rewarding to know that and realise that I can escape from school or friend troubles or any other problems into this world of dance and really improve, grow and learn as a dancer.

Thirteen years is of course a long time but I would never say it is too late to start. It takes lots of effort and will-power and you need ears that will really listen to become better but it is all in order to experience a superbly valuable journey.


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