Every Life Should Have Nine Cats

If you haven’t already guessed, I’m a cat person. That isn’t to say that I’m not a dog person either (my sister has the cutest puppy who is my little buddy) but I would probably choose a cat over a dog.

My cat: Harley (who is not a boy despite popular belief) is three years old and we got her from a rescue centre when she was so tiny, sometimes it was practically hopeless trying to find her. Seriously, why would I look for my cat in a pile of clean washing?

I remember when I first saw her: she was so small and confused, as well as immensely adorable and I thought I had it planned out; I thought we would pretty much have cuddles all day. I was wrong. A cat isn’t just a ball of fluff to be cuddled and loved- it’s a ball of fluff to be fed, cleaned up after and played with too. Only then did I really appreciate having a cat and all the things that come with it, even the crazy playful moods at 11pm.

I admit that it can be hard work at times. However, anything that is worthwhile in the end is. I just can’t comprehend why so many people despise cats. What’s not to love? Is it because they’re cuddly and quirky, not to mention that they keep you healthy: stroking them in particular reduces stress? So many people complain they’re not like dogs but surely, you’re expecting the impossible and you should just get a dog. Let’s remember, they were only domesticated about 10,000 years ago compared to 12,000 years ago for dogs.

Aside from that, there isn’t a day that passes by when there isn’t a cat meme or video going viral around the globe. The internet was practically made to look at cat pictures (it is many people’s guilty pleasures, including mine) hence cat’s are pretty important.

In years to come, they will become more domesticated and although I think they will become less independent which more people will prefer for their pet’s personality, I hope they keep some of this independence and individuality because this is what makes them funny, lovable and massive internet stars.



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