Prom: My Experience and Outfit

Nerve-wracking? Definitely. I’m not going to lie, that’s how it felt at the start: swarms of people getting photos and chatting while none of my friends were in sight. Luckily, one of them pulled up just after and soon there was a group of us being photographed, laughing while our heels were sucked into the mud.

My tension had pretty much ebbed away by the time I went inside where I took photos and commented on how beautiful everyone looked with my classmates. After, we had a meal which was frankly a misery. A buffet with cold rice and make-do pizzas (bread topped with a tomato and a few strands of grated cheese) was not the meal we wanted or had paid for. Yet, nobody let it spoil their night and we danced away all evening. My fears about being judged and so on didn’t even bother me: I didn’t care if people thought I looked stupid dancing or horrible in my dress because I felt glamorous and pretty and my friends and I had the most laughs we’ve had in a while. I know that I overthink things- most people do to some extent, but things usually work out in the end.

It felt so lovely to be rid of my ‘normal’ clothes and to put on something really fancy and exciting. Also, nobody knew I’d tried to be careful with money; I hadn’t gone to a prom dress shop and had a dress fitted (I bought mine online and although there’s this assumption that doing that is a disaster and you will get a duvet cover instead of a dress, it was perfectly fine for me) and I hadn’t gone to a stylist for my hair and makeup (sisters do a much better job in my opinion!)

Let me take you through some of the components of my outfit:

IMG_9589 (2).jpg
This was my overall look: a nude lace top maxi dress with curled hair, a white shawl, a white quilted clutch with a gold trim, a pearl bracelet and lilac nails. I went for a pastel colour scheme so as to not only look very elegant but to work with my dark hair colour.
My curled hair alongside my dress’ lace detail.
My clutch and lilac nails.

Overall, it was a wonderful night that left me grinning while I lay in bed, thoroughly not wanting to forget the fun I had in years to come but also needing a very long period of time to just sleep.



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