Why I Think It’s Important Not To Judge A Book By Its Cover

Yes: it’s that same old phrase again. The one that teachers and parents drill into you your whole lives yet more recently, the phrase has had a deeper meaning for me and has stirred up issues I think should be addressed.

I would say that I can be judgemental, I admit it, but as I’ve grown up I’ve realised I really shouldn’t be. Not only is it immoral and horrible to do but I’ve come to notice that I actually must get judged a lot. Glasses, minimal makeup and a quite a feminine fashion sense hasn’t lead me in good stead. Compared to some people my age, I must look like a potato (but without the golden shine- I’m more of a vampire white) and while they’re there looking fabulous in their practically 11-12 years size jeans and extremely contoured faces, I’m not. It’s not that I’d like to either. I really don’t. However, what I do want is to be recognised as an equal. Yes, I may have to wear glasses most of the time, and yes I may not try to look as perfect or the same as other people but there is actually someone worth getting to know under my skin. I’m not a nerd or friendless or weird. Can I not be a stereotype please?

I think this has come about as prom is looming with my appearance seeming to have never mattered so much. I just hope that someday the world might not be so judgemental and everyone can be seen equally: whatever their appearance, interests or personality, so nobody feels as though they may have to change their appearance to be a ‘somebody.’



  1. I get what you mean. I really hope you have the amazing prom, the most important thing is to have fun. Don’t focus on your appearance, focus on making prom the best night of your life, something to remember for being happy not being sad about your appearance. You are a wonderful person ❤❤❤

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